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By roxannebland, Jan 8 2018 09:51AM

Haven't been here in a while. Never mind why--chalk it up to native incompetence.

At any rate, I'm back with CUTV News, doing interviews. the video interview will be out soon, and the radio interviews run from January 4 - March 1. I love these interviews. They are so much fun, and the hosts are great. Next one is January 12. If you miss it, don't worry--the shows will be archived on this website for your listening enjoyment.

In other news, Invasion won an award. Didn't take the gold, but I'm happy with the silver. So I'm now not just an award-winning author, but a multi-award winning author. This means of all the competitions I've entered, I've won an award. Let's hope my streak holds with the others I'm entering soon.

Gotta run!

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